SYTYCD – I guessed right

Well, since I didn’t post about the performances, I have no proof that I guessed right, but just ask my coworkers. Now the trick is to find out who they are.

Starting off was a really good group number, much better than Wade Robson’s freaky stuff last week. This week was a Shane Sparks routine to a Flo Rida song. I thought that it kept my interest the whole time, but the cameras were definitely more focused on the hiphop folk and less on the contemporary and ball room dancers. I do think it must be pretty tough to choreograph that many people at once while they are all doing different things. But then again, what do I know?

What do you think?

As far as the performances go, I think I liked the Gev and “the chick who looks like Rachel Bilson”‘s dance the best. Katee and Joshua also did really well. I’m getting to the point where I kinda know what to expect from each of them. I think Thayne and Chelsea were judged too harshly since I think most of the issue was the choreography and outfits. Nigel definitely was too hard on Chris and Comfort. The dance sucked, but Chris did a good job.

The bottom three couples were predictable and so were the two that went home.

Shakira wannabe Susie/Suzy/Suzzie (who knows?) went home along with her partner Marquis (who channels a mix between David Archuleta and Danny Tidwell when on stage).

I think that the judges and America made the right choices (this week)…

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