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Can we talk about something sad?

The New Kids on the Block and their new song “Summertime” plus the video for it. Three sad things in one sentence. I guess if we didn’t recognize Joey and Jordan’s voices it could pass for an okay radio hit.

But my question to the whole thing is Why?

The video just elevates the fact that they are a bunch of has beens… trying to be relevant and young.

Let’s just view and discuss…

  1. June 23, 2008 at 9:15 pm

    Yeah, I’m still wondering why they’ve bothered to attempt a comeback. They’re really showing their age with this kind of semi-R&B-groove kind of song, not to mention their now sorely obsolete moniker “New Kids on the Block”.

    The song itself is okay, but the fact that it’s five 30-something white boys singing it makes it rather ridiculous … and don’t even get me started on the part of the video where they start dancing in formation.

    Take That’s comeback last year worked, I think because they didn’t even try to pull off anything remotely dancey on their CD … they stuck with James Blunt-ish adult-contemporary pop.

    Still, having said all that, I might actually buy their CD out of morbid curiosity (and a bit of nostalgia). I have really been enjoying Joey McIntyre’s solo work over the years … and, dare I say, the dude’s still lookin’ good! 😉

  2. Vikki
    June 24, 2008 at 12:28 pm

    Ok, there are a myriad of bad things. The song sucks in these ways… not upbeat enough to dance to, too soft to sing along to, too many annoying noise samples to f*** to. I like the first few seconds of the video, cool idea, everyone like “it’s on. you in?” I do this to my peeps all the time “9:00-Johnny’s-bring swimsuit” But it just goes downhill from there. I would have loved a modern song from these guys. I guess summertime had me thinking DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince whose “Summertime” I love.

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