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I found my new favorite summer reality show…

So, last night I was excited to watch WIPEOUT and I SURVIVED A JAPANESE GAME SHOW. I was very much underwhelmed with WIPEOUT, so much so that I am considering a petition to immediately cancel that garbage. BUT, I was more than pleased with ISAJGS (which is what I will refer to it from now on). It was an unexpected pleasure to watch.

I thought (before airing) that this would just be a bunch of clips of Americans playing Japanese game shows. Well, I was wrong. The show is a reality show of 10 or 12 Americans that are whisked away to Japan to live together and compete together (and against each other) in wacky Japanese game shows! So its like HELL’S KITCHEN with game shows instead of the cooking competitions.

So they live in this nice apartment and have a Mama San who likes to yell at them to go to bed or remove their shoes. Then they get taken to a studio for a “tour” but this “tour” ends up being the game show. Instantly split into teams, they are forced to compete in a treadmill/eating contest. One team member must run on a treadmill in place with a box of food on their head while the other team member eats the food out of the box. Pretty damn funny.

The winning team got awarded with a tour of Tokyo. The losing team got to give rickshaw (sp) tours of Tokyo.  (Again, like Hell’s Kitchen) The losing team has to pick two members to compete to stay on the show and in Japan. They are pitted against each other in a bug splat competition where they have to run, jump on a trampoline and splat against a wall that is painted like a windshield. Oh, how fun. Sign me up please.

I will be watching all season. Please don’t cancel this one. Keep ISAJGS and get rid of WIPEOUT!

  1. July 9, 2008 at 3:19 am

    I watch the shows too, and love it so much I wrote a blog post about it like you did. 🙂

  2. January 13, 2009 at 2:53 pm

    They’re auditioning for 2nd season. Check out my blog if you wanna participate 🙂

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