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SYTYCD Top 16 – Where’s all the good stuff

So another episode is over and its time to get rid of yet another boy and girl in the competition. I am finding some of the dances to be so lackluster this year. There is no doubt in my mind that these are some really talented dancers, but if I have to compare it to the previous seasons, I feel like they are not as exciting and/or engaging to watch. Especially the HipHop and the Disco routines which are normally full of energy and some fun moves, not so much this year.

My favorite of the night was Chelsea H and Mark dancing “lyrical” hip hop to BLEEDING LOVE by Leona Lewis. It was really good and told a story. It was like a Mia Michaels’ routine with a little more hard hitting moves. I love Chelsea, just not that one corn tooth. Oh, shoot me.

I think that Comfort and Chris, Chelsea and Thayne and….uh….Kortni and Matt will be in the bottom three couples. I hate that Comfort and Chelsea have been stuck with bad choreographies because I really like their personalities and want them to stay. I think the judges are especially hard on Chris this season and I’m not totally sure why. He isn’t any worse than some of the other guys. I also think that America won’t like Jessica just like they didn’t like Jessie a few seasons ago. Something about her attitude and look. We’ll see.

My ideal couple to go home tonight would be Kortni and Thayne, but I think it might be Chris and Chelsea. 😦

Chelsea Hightower and Mark – BLEEDING LOVE – Lyrical Hip Hop

  1. pmitchum
    June 26, 2008 at 6:57 pm

    Wow… We pretty much have the same predictions


  2. June 26, 2008 at 10:03 pm

    i loved this routine, i don’t no what it is about it, but it just made me cry. i love mark he kinda reminds me of orlando bloom, but just in looks, i think mark’s personality is really cool and he has a lot to him which i love. i hope he and chelsea stay together as partners for a long time. i think they bring a lot of emotion to their dance, which makes it so awesome to watch.

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