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ISAJGS vs Wipeout

Once again, I questioned as to why WIPEOUT is still on the air. The “humor” if you want to call it that is so dry and boring that I cannot imagine how many people are finding this as funny as it should be. Am I the only one who finds this show a bit pointless and way too rushed? GARBAGE!

I Survived a Japanese Game Show was on last night too. I much prefer this show to WIPEOUT (obviously) but I will say that episode one was much funnier than episode two. Although throughout the episode I received a few text messages from friends expressing their desire to be a human claw. So maybe it touched the lives of some. The “Bill Murray” dude went home due to some illness and Darcy was sent back. Turns out she beat out Olga and gets to stay after a wind blown mail delivery route elimination round.

Sign me up. I still want to be on HUMAN TETRIS too!

  1. February 2, 2009 at 3:27 pm

    ISAJGS was way better than Wipe Out.
    The only part I like about wipe out is the balls.

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