SYTYCD – Top 12

First off, I want to ask why the judges hate Comfort and Thayne so much. It is like they have been out to get them since the beginning. I thought they had two decent, if not good, numbers and yet didn’t really get one compliment at all. Whereas we had Kherington and Twitch do a Tango and the judges said “we will just ignore the parts we didn’t like” which I believe in their words were the entire middle part or something like that. If you are gonna play favorites, make it a little less obvious and a little less insulting.

We have the hot Chelsie who can do no wrong with her crooked pinky partner Mark. I liked them on the first round, not so thrilled on the second round. I am getting bored with Jessica and Will. Apparently Will is trying to go with the fewest clothes ever on SYTYCD. Do you ever wonder if the girls junk is gonna slip out when they are raising their legs in the air and spreading them wide? I swore that Jessica’s was gonna flop right out in that “sex on the stage with our underwear on” dance. Katee and Joshua can also do no wrong so far this season. I also didn’t expect Joshua to be that fit. weird.

My favorite of the night were Courtney and Gev. They were great, plus I think she is mad hot. Like Rachel Bilson on the OC. YES! Ha.

I am pretty sure that the judges will give the boot to Comfort and Thayne.

My personal highlights…

Comfort and Thayne – Hip Hop (just to spite the judges)

Courtney and Gev – Jazz

Joshua and Katee – Bollywood

  1. Z
    July 11, 2008 at 8:26 am

    thayne is the creepiest motherfucker ever. he always has that im about to eat your liver smile on his face. he does pick the best music for his solos though. and even though we both know it doesnt matter, he is one of the best technical dancers. too creepy though

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