SYTYCD – 2 more gone

Are we shocked? Uh, no. It was very obvious who the judges wanted out this week. My Comfort went home and so did her partner Thayne. Now, I think that Nigel shouldn’t have said how he wanted to keep the guys and get rid of two girls instead, because now it has me and a few others thinking. They SHOULD HAVE.  We have seen guys dance together, maybe not ballroom cause that would be weird, but they could do some hip hop and other stuff like they do on the top 4 finale episodes.

Oh well, It won’t happen.

The group number was cool. I always like the group numbers on SYTYCD. They are always much better than the group numbers on American Idol.

Top 12 – Group Performance

Did anyone else notice how bad Katy Perry was? Plus, was she wearing panties? Hmmm…Garbage…

Katy Perry – I Kissed A Girl

Comfort and Thayne get the boot. Not surprising. What was surprising was that Michelle Williams’ new song THE GREATEST that was recently leaked was Comfort’s send off song. Weird…

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