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I hate some people.

So, I hate the people that live upstairs in the house that I live in. They are a brother and sister and they are idiots. They are disrespectful and irresponsible. The other night, they topped the list with their amazing antics.

We get a knock on the door around 8:30pm (not late, but still odd) and its the brother. He is soaked from the rain and tells us that he has lost his keys and can we let him in the back door so that he can break into his apartment. So we do, what are we gonna do, say no? Can’t do that. So, last night, the sister rings the doorbell and she is standing there soaked from the rain, guess what? Yes, she lost her set of keys too. So she needs to break in as well.

We share a common door that opens to a foyer that has our two doors. I don’t want that common door left unlocked. Is that too much to ask? They obviously haven’t had to work for all their possessions and don’t really care whether or not they are stolen. I just hate them.

Maybe I will go over all the other stories sometime…

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