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Harper’s Island – Henry is Henry

Well, the moment we all have been waiting for came last night. And by waiting, I only mean a few weeks. I was intrigued by the concept of the show, particularly that it has a set beginning and a set end. And, we are promised that there is some sort of “answer” at the end. HARPER’S ISLAND started last night on CBS and will run for 13 weeks until July 2nd.

Apparently this was cast a long time ago and things were set into motion, but it was stopped and never completed. So, they recast the show and apparently re-tooled it a bit. Now we have it in all it’s glory.

It’s about a group of people (25) who are gathering on this island for a week long wedding celebration. Apparently there were some murders years ago on the island and some of the invited were there to witness them. We are promised that people will die each week and we won’t figure out the killer until the end.  Last night they held their promise and killed off two of the characters. In fact, one of the guys fell through a little bridge walkway and the killer cut his body from the waist down…OFF!

I am enticed.

Oh, and Henry from Ugly Betty… plays Henry on Harper’s Island. I thought that was kind of amusing. Stay tuned to HARPER’S ISLAND for more slayings!!

Did you watch? What did you think?

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