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The Lighter Exchange – Beneath the Endlessness

The following is a reply given to a friend after she asked me to give a listen to the release: “Beneath the Endlessness” by The Lighter Exchange

The Lighter Exchange

So first off, I really love the CD. I think there is a lot of promise if they can swim through the muck on the radio right now. The politics and whatnot are not the most desirable, but I’m sure you have some local connections at least for local play.

I also saw that Long Way Down and Lady Luck are in an independent film in the Florida Film Festival. There are many songs on this album that could have a chance with TV and movie placement.

I have listened to the CD a bazillion times since  it was given to me since I wanted to be as helpful as possible. As I listened, thoughts continued to change based on pieces of different songs.

My favorites are:

  1. Hello My Friend (3:34)
  2. Stuck in My Head (3:37)
  3. Morning Comes (3:24)
  4. Paper Planes (5:35)

Those selections are based on what I think might click on a fan basis. Hello My Friend is upbeat enough to catch attention and the lead singer starts almost immediately (could be hard for radio since there is no room to talk over). Then, I love Stuck in My Head. It has a mid tempo/ballad feel. Those types, I feel, are a nice follow up to a catchy pop/rock track. Morning Comes brings more of the up tempo rock feel as a ballad follow up. However the 27 second introduction might be too long for internet plays, but okay for radio since they can talk over it.

Then I love Paper Planes which is totally sentimental and enjoyable. Not sure how that falls into anything, but I really think its a nice ending to the album. Probably way too long for radio play though. The others seem to fit in the mold.

I saw some clips on Youtube from the HOB show. The studio versions are a bit better of some of the tracks, but I think the more they are played, the stronger the vocals get.

Those are my 52 cents.  Check it out.


http://www.thelighterexchange.com (not updated yet)

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