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Marianas Trench – Ever After

Marianas Trench – Ever After (2011)

One of my biggest passions in life is discovering music. This is mostly for my own enjoyment, but it typically means I am able to introduce them into the lives of my friends.

I have always prided myself on the ability to choose the appropriate tracks on an album for single release. However, the labels never reach out to ask my opinion and therefore, probably miss out on some successful releases because some old stuffy guy has made a decision based on who they know and the people that have worked on the track.

My favorite find of 2011 is Marianas Trench. They are a Canadian band that creates albums with  a story. In other words, there are concepts behind their releases from beginning to end. When was the last time we truly could listen to something from an artist that told a story from song one until the end of the album? In the singles market of iTunes and Amazon MP3, we usually will find albums with a mix of radio-friendly tracks (or so they think) and some album filler.

In 2011, Mariana’s Trench blessed my ears with their latest concept album, EVER AFTER. Now, I realize that my ears may hear things differently than others, but that will not stop me from sharing my opinion on music with people I know (and those on Facebook and here that I do not).

So, EVER AFTER is a blend of genres that tells a story of love. If you listen from the beginning to the end, you feel the determination of the main character to end up with the love that might not necessarily be able to love him. There are hints of punk, rock, country/bluegrass, 80s flare, pop, you name it. It has a very radio-friendly feel (minus the two f-words randomly placed in the album). Some may feel that it sounds slightly affected, I just say you can hear a little Panic at the Disco mixed with 30 Seconds to Mars. So what, just enjoy the music.

If you need to sample a few tracks before committing to the full concept of the album, my recommendations are “Ever After”, “By Now”, “Desperate Measures”, and “Toy Soldiers”. As I go through the track list to find the stand out tracks, I find myself wanting to put them all down on the list.


  • “Ever After”
  • “Haven’t Had Enough”
  • “By Now”
  • “Truth or Dare”
  • “Desperate Measures”
  • “Porcelain”
  • “Fallout”
  • “Stutter”
  • “Toy Soldiers”
  • “B Team”
  • “So Soon”
  • “No Place Like Home”

If you like my suggestions, check out their albums “Masterpiece Theater” and “Fix Me”. I would love to hear your thoughts on my favorite musical find of 2011, Marianas Trench.

Link to album on iTunes : http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/ever-after-deluxe-version/id479674517

Video for Marianas Trench – Haven’t Had Enough

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